Provided services:

  • Quality service and repairs of automotive units (radios, radio cassette, radio CD, Comand and GPS navigation).

1-DIN units

Becker / Ferrari Becker / Renault Carminat Becker / BMW Becker / Chrysler
Becker / Ford Becker / Land Rover Alpine / Audio 10 CD  

Mercedes-Benz Audio 5 / Sound 5 / Audio 20 / Comand

Audio 5 CC   Audio 5 CD Sound 5

A class W169 / B class W245 up to '09 A class W169 / B class W245 from '09 A class W168 / CLK class W208 / M class W163

CLK class W209 from '04

C / CLC class W203 from '04 - '07 C / CLC class W203 from '07 E class W211 / CLS class W219 up to '09 E class W211 / CLS class W219 from '09
E / CLS class ML class W164 / GL class X164 up to '09 ΜL class W164 / GL class X164 from '09 ML / GL class
SLK class R171 up to '09 SLK class R171 from '09 Comand APS 50 Comand NTG series

Smart Radio 5 / Comand

Radio 5 (fourfour) Smart Navi Smart CD/Navi  

Porsche Comand PCM

PCM1 PCM2 Cayenne  

CD changers / Peripherals

Becker Silverstone CD changer Alpine CD changer Alpine in-dash CD changer  

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  • Repairs of CD player mechanisms for various car CD players, laser head replacement & fine tuning for CD-R / CD-RW compatibility

Audio 20 CD mechanism Audio 20 mechanism & PCB Becker CDM mechanism Alpine CD changer mechanism
Becker laserhead Alpine laserhead Bosch laserhead  


  • Antitheft CODE Eprom programming

MB audio 10 CD Becker Mexico CC Porsche CD-10 MB Audio 5 CC


  • Gps maps for Mercedes-Benz navigation units, BMW, Porsche and portable Becker, Ferrari, Garmin units


Becker Indianapolis Pro Smart Navi Becker DVD Navigation  

Becker Ferrari 7929 Becker Ferrari Z250 Garmin eTrex series Garmin Nuvi series


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